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How To Duplicate A Playlist On Spotify In 6 Easy Steps

Spotify is a popular online music streaming service that allows you to stream your favorite music with thousands of artists and podcasts to choose from. Here's how to duplicate a playlist on Spotify!

Getting Started as a Playlister

Check out this video to learn more about getting started with the most advanced Playlister and Curation Platform!

What is Trading and how can it help you?

Playlist trading, song swapping, playlist exchanges ÔÇö you may have heard about this common practice in the music industry, but have you ever wondered how you can unlock the full potential of this free resource, and how you can use Playlister Club to optimize it?
Artists & Labels

Introducing the Playlistability Index

When 40,000 new tracks get added to Spotify every day, ensuring your release gets the right kind of love has become a challenge. There has been a paradigm shift, and the music industry is struggling to adapt.

Playlist Pulse

Playlist Pulse was created to highlight what songs are trending in the independent playlist space.
Artists & Labels

Analytics Dashboard

How to best use the Artist & Label Dashboard to your advantage

A letter from our CEO

When we launched Playlister.Club a year ago, we had a simple aim: to create the best suite of playlist management tools for independent playlist curators. Since then, we have onboarded over 27,000 playlists representing +25 million followers, and a vibrant community of thousands of artists and hundreds of music companies. During the process, we have also learned some incredibly valuable lessons on how to navigate the playlist world, which have shifted our mission & goals as a platform.
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