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New: Interactive Activity Feed

If you release music today, you know how powerful it is to have the right data guiding your marketing decisions, alongside having access to data in one, easy-to-digest configuration. Clear data empowers artists & labels; they can leverage that data to fuel more successful campaigns for their current and future releases. 
Artists & Labels

Introducing Banners: A deeper way to engage with the playlister community

As our Discover page gets more populated with amazing music on a daily basis, our team is tasked with finding new, creative ways to allow artists to stand out from the crowd. The new Banners feature is an effective way to give Playlisters a deeper peek into your world as an artist, and explain what makes your music special.

What is Trading and how can it help you?

Playlist trading, song swapping, playlist exchanges — you may have heard about this common practice in the music industry, but have you ever wondered how you can unlock the full potential of this free resource, and how you can use Playlister Club to optimize it?

A letter from our CEO

When we launched Playlister.Club a year ago, we had a simple aim: to create the best suite of playlist management tools for independent playlist curators. Since then, we have onboarded over 27,000 playlists representing +25 million followers, and a vibrant community of thousands of artists and hundreds of music companies. During the process, we have also learned some incredibly valuable lessons on how to navigate the playlist world, which have shifted our mission & goals as a platform.
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