We’re very excited to share some groundbreaking new features that we quietly rolled out in the past week, as we continue our quest to make Playlister Club the leading data resource for the independent playlist world. These tools are essential to help you plan your future releases and connect with the playlisters that matter most to you! Re-vamped “Playlisters” page.

By heading to the “Playlisters” tab of your artist dashboard, you will be met with a new, list-style design. You can use the search bar at the top to look for unique filters, that you can only get here at Playlister Club! Look for Playlisters who like to Trade, have the most placements, have a large follower base, and even playlisters who are most active this week. This is the easiest way to research playlisters, and get to who you want to find, quicker. Playlister Profiles: the most in-depth look at a playlister’s taste & habits.

Wherever you see a playlister displayed on the platform; whether in the community sidebar, playlisters page, or even in your personal activity, you can click on their avatar to open their Playlister Profile!Welcome to the most in-depth look at a playlister’s curation habits & tastes. Available only at Playlister Club. Here, you can learn what time of day the curator is most active and what decades they are loving the most. The A&R Curator ranking is a helpful way to learn about how they are received on our platform by other artists, and the activity history can give you a great idea of how active they are on our platform. The “Your Playlistability” section is a really powerful feature that allows you to check the playlistability of your discography, against a specific curator’s taste; effectively predicting which one of your songs they would like the most!  If all that wasn’t enough, expand their “Latest Engagements” section to get a live feed of everything they are doing on our platform: what songs they are listening to, reviewing, and even adding to their playlists. All of this data is essential to you as an artist — and we’re empowering you with it, so you can make the most out of it and reach new fans, quicker!

Make sure to watch the Artist Dashboard Quick Tour, to learn how to unlock full potential of the new artist dashboard.

Oct 24, 2020

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